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Cameron and his wife Imali

Hi! I’m Cameron, and this is me with my wife, Mali. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I started this company during the “Great Pandemic” of 2021. After quitting my job, I became a freelance IT engineer, taking on small jobs and projects for a few companies to help them work remotely more efficiently.

Inkfire Tech was built on a foundation of good work ethics, strong relationships, and a desire to help people get into work – whether they’re young and need a first job or have health issues and want to work when they’re feeling able to.

Through the power of LinkedIn, a mature IT company found me and asked if I would consider working for them on some projects – so that’s what I did! They’ve helped me to grow my knowledge of various systems and I’ve gained invaluable experience from them. I now call clients to check in, rather than them calling me to tell me something’s broken!

I still work there, managing the helpdesk and some large projects, but I also run Inkfire Tech with my fantastic team of techies. None of this would be possible without them, and I’m truly grateful to call them my friends, not just colleagues. Come and meet them!

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